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Mandala & Rose

Pregnancy Massage & Body Oil

Pregnancy Massage & Body Oil

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Pregnancy Massage & Body Oil (100ml)

Help prevent stretch marks and improve elasticity of the skin during all stages of pregnancy. Expertly blended with base oils of Argan, Sweet Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Calendula and Rosehip with a low dilution of Mandarin essential oil to support you both physically and emotionally throughout your pregnancy.

What makes this oil so good:

Argan - is rich in vitamin E, sterols and omega fatty acids that help prevent the formation of stretch marks by improving skin elasticity and accelerating skin renewal and healing.

Calendula - influences the healing phase of skin by stimulating skin cell turnover and decreasing the time it takes for skin to repair. This benefits stretch marks by encouraging the renewal of skin, helping to reduce scar tissue.

Rosehip - can help prevent the severity of stretch marks due to its hydrating, moisturising properties and helps boost collagen formation.

Mandarin - is a sweet smelling citrus oil which is one of the most calming, uplifting and gentlest of oils making it perfect to support you throughout your pregnancy both physically and emotionally. Mandarin can help to ease nausea associated with "morning" sickness and has a sedative and calming effect on the nervous system.

Olive oil and Sweet Almond oil - are very hydrating and help improve elasticity of the skin.

Directions for use: expectant mothers should massage their tummy, hips and breasts daily to increase elasticity of the skin. This can be increased to twice daily in the 3rd trimester.

Comes in a box.  For a gift you also have the option for the box to go in a beautiful ivory organza bag for that extra finishing touch.   This is also available in the Mum To Be Gift Set and comes with the Mothers Bath Oil or our Mum To Be Pamper Gift Set for the ultimate in pregnancy pampering.

Ingredients: sweet almond oil (amygdalus dulcis), olive oil (ole europea), calendula (calendula officials), organ (argon spinosa), rosehip (rosa canina), mandarin (citrus reticulata)

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