REFLEXOLOGY £58.00 (60 minutes)


Discover Reflexology: The Path to Healing and Balance

What is Reflexology? It's a gateway to relaxation, equilibrium, and healing, achieved by stimulating specific points on your feet. These reflex points are like bridges, connecting to various areas and organs throughout your body. Any tension or congestion in your feet mirrors what's happening elsewhere in your body. Through Reflexology, we unblock energy pathways, harmonizing areas with too much or too little energy, and fostering a profound sense of balance and well-being. This gentle yet powerful treatment revitalizes all your body's systems, leaving you in a state of deep, blissful relaxation. And to complete the experience, we indulge your senses with a soothing foot massage using essential oils.

The Healing Dance of Reflexology

How does it work? Your body has a remarkable ability to heal itself, but sometimes, it needs a little nudge. Illness, stress, injuries, or dis-ease can throw it off balance, blocking vital energy pathways and hindering its natural functions. That's where Reflexology comes in. By applying pressure and massaging specific points on your feet, we unblock energy, amplifying your body's innate healing powers, restoring its natural equilibrium, and igniting the healing process.

Reflexologists use their trained hands and thumbs to detect even the tiniest imbalances and deposits in your feet. By working on these points, they release blockages and restore the free flow of energy throughout your entire body. In today's fast-paced world, we all face physical, emotional, and mental stresses that can become trapped within us, leading to various symptoms. Reflexology provides relief for those suffering from ill health and stress, alleviating pain and promoting healing. For those looking to stay well, it strengthens the body, helping to prevent illness and fatigue. Reflexology doesn't just balance your body's systems; it enhances sleep, deep relaxation, elevates mood, and nurtures lasting well-being.

Your Healing Journey: How Often Should You Come?

Reflexology is a cumulative therapy. To experience its full benefits, it's best to start with a series of treatments close together. We recommend four weekly sessions, followed by two fortnightly. After that, you can decide how often you want to return for maintenance. However, based on our experience, a gap of 3-4 weeks tends to yield the most beneficial results.

Please note that Reflexology is not a diagnostic treatment, but it takes a holistic approach, helping identify imbalances in your body, whether they are physical or emotional.

Embark on your journey of healing and balance with Reflexology—a pathway to rejuvenation for your body, mind, and soul.


NB. 50% Charge for Cancellations Within 24 Hours