Prices & Treatments




Single Treatments
Aromatherapy (60 mins):- £60.00 or £345.00 for a course of six
Reflexology (60 mins):- £55.00 or £315.00 for a course of six
Indian Head Massage (35 mins):- £40.00 or £225.00 for a course of six
Aromatherapy Back Massage (35 mins) - £40.00 or £225.00 for a course of six
Combined Treatments
Aromatherapy & Reflexology (120 mins) - £100.00
Aromatherapy & Indian Head Massage (90 mins) - £85.00
Aromatherapy & Japanese Foot Massage (75 mins) - £75.00
Reflexology & Aromatherapy Back Massage (90 mins) - £80.00
Reflexology & Indian Head Massage (90 mins) - £80.00
Reflexology & Japanese Foot Massage (75 mins) - £70.00
Indian Head & Aromatherapy Back Massage (65 mins) - £65.00
Aromatherapy Back Massage & Japanese Foot Massage (50 mins) £55.00


Please see individual treatments for more detailed information. 


What Can I Expect During A Treatment?:  Whatever treatment you chose, each treatment is bespoke.  The first session starts with a free consultation to assess your lifestyle, general health and medical history.  This is completely confidential and designed to best assess your needs and design a treatment especially for you to achieve the best results.  Treatments combine a deeply restorative experience with real health benefits as well as helping you on your self care journey.  


Gift vouchers are available on request.  These come in an organza gift bag filled with petals.