Our Story




At Mandala & Rose, our passion for wellness runs through every product we develop and we believe that treating the body with a holistic approach is the key to wellbeing and maintaining a healthy balance for our bodies.  We believe in creating natural products that leave your skin radiant and nourished and your mind and body restored to perfect harmony.

When we walk into our favourite retreat, we instantly feel a sense of calm as we take a moment of peace for ourselves. We take a deep breath and the aromatic smells walk our senses through a Lavender field on a breezy day or into an orchard filled with sun drenched lemon trees.  We are transported to a place of calm and tranquility with a renewed energy and zest for life.  That is the power of essential oils.

We want our products and gifts to evoke those same feelings in you.  Open the box, take a deep breath and reset ...



Created by Stephanie Parker-Westcott, the brand developed from her passion with essential oils and herbal extracts since qualifying as an aromatherapist over 24 years ago.  Over those years running her holistic practice, she has seen first hand how plant extracts and essential oils has affected her clients wellbeing in a positive way.  Her clients take her products home with them to support them in between treatments.  She wanted to offer that outside of her treatment room to you.

At Mandala & Rose, we aspire to make luxurious products with a focus on emotional wellbeing that look as beautiful as they smell so you know it's been created with love and attention.  A gift of self care, a hug in a box, a message to say how special you are.



Believing that what you put on your skin and what you breathe in should be as important as the food you put in your body, we only use natural plant derived ingredients to create our artisan line of wellness and skincare products.  We treat the body as a whole, we believe to nourish the skin is also to nourish the mind.  "Never attempt to heal the body until your first heal the mind".

Our products are made using the finest 100% natural ingredients.  Therapeutic grade essential oils, nutrient rich plant oils, flower hydrolats and botanical actives give you products that harness the pure power of plants.  

All products are carefully created with our wealth of knowledge and experience. Each stage of the creative process is done by hand - from batch mixing, to labelling and bottling.  Everything is made in small batches. Our products are vegan friendly, cruelty free and environmentally sustainable. We use recyclable packaging and avoid over harvested or environmentally damaging species wherever possible.

Our products are always 100% free from parabens, SLS's, mineral oil, sulfates, artificial ingredients and synthetic fragrances. 

So welcome to Mandala & Rose - a place for luxurious artisan aromatherapy wellness and skincare products.

Enjoy your journey to a place of ultimate relaxation and wellbeing as you deserve the very best.




As well as having my own range of products, I still run my practice from my home in Keston, Kent.  I spend time with each client before I start any treatments to understand as much about them as possible so that I can treat them holistically and individually. 

With over 24 years experience, I offer restorative treatments in Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage and Japanese Foot Massage that will support and nurture you through all life's challenges. I have also completed courses in Reiki and basic counselling techniques which although I do not offer as treatments, I incorporate into my practice. 

Our popular Spa Pamper Packages combine treatments with our products at a discounted price.  So after a relaxing treatment you get to take home some products too - bringing the spa to your home.