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Mandala & Rose

Massage & Body Oil Collection

Massage & Body Oil Collection

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Massage & Body Oil Collection

Our expertly blended aromatherapy massage and body oils are the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one to ease muscle tension and leave skin silky smooth and velvety soft whilst allowing the properties of the essential oils to work their magic. These have been designed to either use as a massage oil or as a moisturising body oil. All our oils have a base of Sweet Almond Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Jojoba and Apricot. These are all known for their skin softening properties to moisturises, nourishes and protects the skin. The high levels of Oleic acid make this blend easily absorbed so will not leave your skin feeling greasy.

This bundle includes our four blends:

Sensual Massage & Body Oil - Soothe muscle tension, relax inhibitions and dispel stress with a sensual and aphrodisiac massage oil blend of Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, May Chang and Jojoba. Jasmine - improves mood, increases romantic and positive feelings; Ylang Ylang - is renowned for its mood enhancing, beautifying and aphrodisiac properties; May Chang - has a refreshing, stimulating and uplifting action making it perfect for relieving fatigue and lethargic psychological states.

Muscle Relief Massage & Body Oil - Relieve muscular aches and encourage physical relaxation with a warming blend of Ginger, Black Pepper and Patchouli. Ginger - is a great oil for inducing heat and relieves inflammation so is a great oil for working on tight muscles; Black Pepper - is a warming oil which works to improve the digestive system and improves circulation as well as being a very grounding oil; Patchouli - is a great oil for neck and shoulder pain as well as relieving stress and anxiety.

Calming Massage & Body Oil - De-stress and calm the senses with a sumptuous blend of Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Neroli and Cedarwood. Lavender - is known for its sedative and calming properties so is ideal for restlessness, anxiety, stress and nervous tension; Ylang Ylang - is known for its aphrodisiac, sensual and euphoric properties. Has beautifying properties and boosts the regenerative process of the skin; Neroli - works on the nervous system to alleviate stress and enhance mood as well as being particularly nourishing and anti-aging to the skin; Cedarwood - has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties so is particularly beneficial to the skin as well as being a very grounding oil emotionally.

Stimulating Massage & Body Oil - Relieve muscle tension and encourage the elimination of toxins with this invigorating blend of balancing Geranium, warming Black Pepper, detoxifying Juniper and stimulating Rosemary. Geranium - cleanses the lymphatic system, oxygenates tissue, promotes circulation and is a very balancing oil so is good for balancing hormones and emotional; Black Pepper - improves circulation, stimulates the digestive system as well as being a very grounding oil emotionally; Juniper - is the best oil for cleansing the kidney so is a great diuretic oil. It is very calming so helps ease stress.; Rosemary - soothes inflammation, strengthens the immune system and helps improve memory and concentration.

Directions for use: massage onto the skin using firm gentle strokes or add to your body moisturiser for a nourishing long lasting glow whilst allowing the essential oils to absorb into the skin. When massaging, it is best to allow 12 hours before bathing or showering to allow the oils to absorb fully into the skin.
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