Energy Cleansing Smudge Kit
Energy Cleansing Smudge Kit
Energy Cleansing Smudge Kit

Energy Cleansing Smudge Kit

Mandala & Rose
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This beautifully curated, ethically sourced set is designed to be used to cleanse and dispel negative energy of your home or your person. This set will add protection and enhance your mood and makes a thoughtful new home gift or host gift for a loved one.

This set contains:

White Sage - has a purifying effect and can help cleanse any negative energy from spaces as well as your aura. Can enhance wisdom, clarity and increased spiritual awareness.

Palo Santo - is a sacred tree which grows in select parts of South America. It has been used for centuries in rituals, known for its grounding and focusing effect as well as cleansing spaces from negative energy.

Instructions - to use burn Palo Santo or Sage at a 45-degree angle. Let it burn for about 20 seconds and then gently blow out the flame. Move the smoke around what it is you are wanting to cleanse. You don’t need to burn the entire stick or bundle - burn as much or as little as you want.

Selenite - named after the goddess of the moon it is said to bring protection, harmony and healing to your body, mind and home ensuring that you stay protected and connected to the world around you. It can be used to cleanse your crystals, just leave them close to cleanse and fully charge them. You can also use your selenite to sweep over your aura or around your home to clear negative energy.

This comes in an ivory organza gift bag and is sprinkled with petals. If this is a gift, don't forget to add your gift message.